Lester Marks

I have been collecting art for over twenty years and have been lucky enough to have been listed by ARTnews magazine as one of the “Top 200 Collectors in the World,” by Art & Antiques magazine as one of the “Top 100 Collectors,” and as “One of the Top 100 Collectors Changing the Art World.”
However nice these accolades, and the many others, may be, art collecting, to me, has never been about putting ‘trophies’ on the wall. My art collecting, has been, and is, simply a journey to help unlock the mysteries of life. Art serves as a catalyst to help me see and perceive the beauty and wonder of the everyday world around us. Art has the power to transform, and I hope to be able to convey this act of transformation here at New Gallery. I live, breathe, sleep, drink, and consume art from morning to night. To me, art IS life; difficult, demanding, mysterious, and awe-inspiring.

While this is my first solo exhibition, I am far from a novice. I have been an artist and a photographer most of my life, and over sixty of my own works are hung throughout my collection.I have successfully participated in over a dozen group exhibitions. None the less, this show fulfills a dream to be able to share a distinct body of work.

I have created and or captured hidden realities, as seen through the eyes of a dreamer, and made them appear as abstractions. The work is about mystery, depth, light, and muted but sensuous color. I am not attempting to present anything in it’s entirety, but through the use of high resolution technology, to simply trigger a response, an experience, in and for the observer.

Inventiveness, Imagination, and again, Mystery, are the three traits I most cherish, and these create the impetus for my organic images. I dematerialize and recontextualize, but not often. More often, I prefer to present an actual real world image in a new and challenging manner. Sometimes the objects are physical, sometimes the objects begin digitally. Sometimes they are static, sometimes they are in motion. I create these new realities, allowing the viewer to bring their own interpretation to the mystic images.

Never is Photoshop or web design manipulation a part of my work.

Always I want my work to float inside the spaces of your head, for physical reality is big, but inner reality is bigger!

Lester Marks

5% of my profits from this exhibition will be donated to The Houston Food Bank.

This show is dedicated to my parents, my wife, and my friends Roberto, and Elizabeth.

Technical information
11"x14" and 22"x28"
Digital Photographic Imagery,
Fuji Crystal Archive paper
305 dpi/ RGB color
Cold mounted Sentra
UV film